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Drive digital resilience in Manufacturing

Respond faster to security threats, keep systems up and running, optimize production and adapt to new opportunities.

Manufacturers use Splunk for edge-to-enterprise resilience

Thanks to Splunk, we get deep insight into our processes. This transparency assures the team uses data to make all their decisions for further improvement.

Claus Giehl Industry 4.0 Innovation and Product Manager, Bosch Manufacturing Solutions

Enhance IT/OT security

Detect, investigate and respond faster to IT/OT cybersecurity threats.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of all digital systems to detect security risks before they become major issues.
  • Coordinate response and mitigation plans across IT and OT teams to reduce MTTx and asset downtime.
  • Proactively monitor for threats and anomalous activity introduced by IT/OT integration.

Achieve foundational visibility across IT/OT systems

Get deep insights with improved data-centric computing and IT/OT systems integration.

  • Integrate IT/OT, including untapped data that lives on the edge.
  • Use AI and ML for event correlation and analysis, performance insights and anomaly detection.
  • Have full visibility of industrial assets, systems and equipment.

Enable advanced business, process and service monitoring

Keep operational systems up and running with edge-to-enterprise visibility.

  • Improve coordination across tools, corporate IT and plant-level OT environments.
  • Monitor critical performance with full visibility across ERP environments.
  • Tackle security, IT and OT complexity with out-of-the-box ML features.

Build next-gen operations

Take operations from reactive to proactive and adapt to new opportunities.

  • Improve predictive maintenance to resolve issues and enhance production.
  • Identify new ways to monitor complex landscapes to optimize integrated solutions.
  • Gain a holistic view of CO2 footprint across any digital environment.

Get to high value actions with Splunk Professional Services

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