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Increase Accountability and Security

With the broadened scope of Covered Defense Information CDI, including contractor proprietary information and the new requirement to report any cyber incident that affects your defense information system, it’s important to collect all of your logs in a centralized platform that allows for easy search and reporting. Splunk helps security, compliance and legal teams meet key DFARS compliance needs:

  • Meet requirements for your mandates, or the centralized collection/logging, continuous monitoring, and retention of security events
  • Quickly search through massive amounts of security events and machine data going back days, weeks or months to accelerate incident investigations or satisfy ad hoc requests from auditors
  • Create reports and dashboards to show the state of compliance with any required technical control
  • Enable real-time, known and unknown threat detection via correlation rules, anomaly detection or risk scoring
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Why Splunk for DFARS Compliance?

Rather than spending hours pulling logs into Excel spreadsheets, Splunk enables customers to create correlation rules and reports to identify threats and demonstrate compliance or identify areas of non-compliance in regard to technical controls. Easily show auditors how you’re managing things like access control, audit and accountability, incident response and more without interrupting the flow of business.