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Splunk Tools for Telework

Navigating the New Normal for Public Sector Organizations

While the concept of telework is not new, the magnitude of demand for remote work has increased exponentially. Large teams of teleworkers coupled with rising demand for secure, remote access adds tremendous pressure to both IT and security teams, not to mention the infrastructure they support. At a time when urgent action is critical, Splunk stands in solidarity with all of its customers, particularly those on the front lines of care and response, and the IT personnel that support their critical missions.

To help organizations better navigate the new norm, Splunk has curated some short-term solutions to help organizations overcome current challenges while offering its traditional suite of solutions to ensure a strategic advantage.

Download your copy of Splunk Tools for Telework - Navigating the New Normal for Public Sector Organizations to learn how operationalizing your data can help empower IT and security teams to:

  • Manage and secure a remote workforce, including monitoring anomalous activity, remote access events and data exfiltration points.
  • Scale services on-demand to deliver acceptable levels of end-user experience.
  • Maintain uptime and continuity of mission-critical applications.
  • How FedRAMP authorized cloud solutions offer a distinct advantage to traditional on-premises architecture by allowing scalability on-demand.

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