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Key Initiative

Build a foundation of digital resilience.

Equip your organization to recover and thrive amidst disruptions.

Heineken builds resilience with Splunk

See everything and act fast so you can adapt to anything.

finds-problems-faster finds-problems-faster

Prevent major issues

Identify key risks and detect threats before they become major incidents.

broad-platform-support broad-platform-support

Absorb shocks

Restore critical services faster to minimize the impact of outages and breaches.

scales-with-business scales-with-business

Accelerate transformation

Adapt quickly and safely with the visibility you need to stay secure, compliant and reliable. 


Disruption is the new normal

Today’s organizations are under constant pressure from cyber threats, outages and more. Economic and political uncertainty create even less room for error. At the same time, customers continue to expect seamless, always-on experiences.


In the face of these disruptions, organizations are tasked with keeping their systems secure and reliable. But building digital resilience brings major challenges:

  • Complexity increases risk: Modern technology stacks are sprawling, with larger attack surfaces and more points of failure.
  • Teams and tools are siloed: When different teams use different tools they struggle to work together to identify and remediate issues.
  • The landscape is evolving: Organizations cannot innovate and adapt quickly while maintaining security, reliability and compliance requirements.
tackle evolving threats to your business

Building digital resilience is a team effort


Our Solution

Splunk helps improve organizations’ digital resilience

SecOps, DevOps and ITOps need to work within and across teams to detect and predict issues, find the root cause, assess risk and impact radius, and remediate. Splunk helps organizations become more resilient by developing their security and observability capabilities, so their mission-critical systems stay secure and reliable. 

the-data-to-everything platform

The Splunk platform

break down data silos

Break down data silos

analyze data at unprecedented scale

Analyze data at unprecedented scale

uncover new insights

Uncover new insights

Data is complex, but your approach to it doesn’t have to be. Power effective investigations and fast issue resolution by unifying all your data on a single platform, from any source at any scale.

Service monitoring and insights

Volatility breaks systems that are not resilient. But understanding bottlenecks and breaking points is harder than ever as the technology stack becomes more distributed and complex.

Keep services up and running with full-stack visibility to identify, prioritize and resolve issues quickly. Dashboards track service health and event-correlation and automated incident prioritization improves response times.

service monitoring and insights


Reduction in investigation time



Reduction in negative business impact from fewer incidents and faster resolutions

Security for new and emerging threats

Too many alerts and fragmented tools keep your teams from building robust cyber resilience across the business.

Enhance cyber resilience with a data-driven approach to detecting, investigating and responding to threats. Splunk gives you the end-to-end visibility you need to reduce business risk and along with ML-powered analytics and automation to accelerate response.

security for new and emerging threats


Reduction in risk of data breach, IP theft and fraud



Time saved for audit and compliance

Infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting

In complex multicloud hybrid environments, systems are designed to scale with demand and infrastructure may only live for minutes — meaning you need to find and fix problems in seconds.

See, find and fix issues quickly with visibility and control across the entire IT landscape. Generate AI-driven insights by leveraging all your data to take action fast.

infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting


Faster problem detection



Reduction in incident investigation time

Application performance monitoring

Innovative teams that are moving fast to develop applications can unknowingly introduce vulnerabilities into complex environments, risking outages or slowdowns.

Enable developers to enhance the resilience of their applications with increased visibility into service interdependencies and ongoing app performance.

apm for optimal performance


Faster detection and pinpointing of issues



Improvement in developer efficiency

heineken heineken


Becoming the World's Best-Connected Brewer with Splunk

For the first time we can see all the performance of our middleware systems and each of the integrations running on them in one single view.

Guss Groeneweg, Global Product Owner for Digital Integrations, Heineken



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