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Splunk® Enterprise

Find out what is happening in your business and take meaningful action quickly

splunk-enterprise splunk-enterprise

Estimate how much your organization could save using Splunk

Turn data into answers with intuitive machine learning powered analytics

real-time-visibility real-time-visibility

Real-Time Visibility

Automate the collection, indexing and alerting of machine data that's critical to your operations

data-source-agnostic data-source-agnostic

Data Source Agnostic

Uncover the actionable insights from all your data — no matter the source or format

AI-machine-learning AI-machine-learning

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for predictive and proactive business decisions

Product Capabilities
Harness the untapped value of your data to optimize your organization and deliver an unrivaled customer experience
turn-data-into-doing turn-data-into-doing

Turn Data Into Doing

Ingest data from different sources including systems, devices and interactions, and turn that data into meaningful business outcomes across your organization.

Manage Splunk on Your Choice of Cloud

Splunk Operator for Kubernetes lets you effortlessly deploy, scale and manage Splunk Enterprise on your choice of public or private cloud environment.

manage-splunk-on-your-choice-of-cloud manage-splunk-on-your-choice-of-cloud
analytics-workspace analytics-workspace

Get Answers Faster with the Analytics Workspace

React instantly to your data with visualized metrics. Convert logs into metrics and boost search and monitoring performance as well as alerting functions

Experience Integrated Machine Learning Analytics

Use machine learning to improve IT, security and business outcomes. Integrated technologies and customizable tools give you access to algorithms so you can bring more intelligence to your data. Don't react; predict and prevent instead.


machine-learning-analytics machine-learning-analytics
power-of-splunk power-of-splunk

The Power of Splunk Wherever You Are

Take the capabilities of Splunk beyond the desktop with the Connected Experiences apps. Everyone in your organization can access data and see insights on the go with Splunk Mobile, Splunk for iPad, Splunk TV, Splunk Augmented Reality (AR), and Splunk Virtual Reality (VR).

t-mobile t-mobile



With the improvements in machine learning and performance capabilities in the new Splunk Enterprise, T-Mobile can deliver an even better experience for our customers by helping our care and retail teams have real-time visibility into how their systems and services are performing.

Jonathan Silberlicht, Senior Director, Network Service Management & Customer Solutions, T-Mobile
financial-services financial-services

Financial Services

Monitor accounts and deliver the best customer experience

Bank on It
public-sector public-sector

Public Sector

Create operational excellence that would impress any constituency

Vote for It
healthcare healthcare


Automate compliance auditing and strengthen health IT operations

Health Check It

Bring data to every question, decision and action with Splunk.