Splunk® Enterprise Security

Drop your breaches with an analytics-driven SIEM solution

Gartner Names Splunk a SIEM Magic Quadrant Leader for the Sixth Year Running!

Combat threats with actionable intelligence and advanced analytics at scale

Reduce Time to Detect

Ingest any machine data from cloud or on-premises for full visibility to quickly detect malicious threats in your environment

Streamline Investigations

Investigate activities associated with a potential security incident within one centralized view

Rapid Response

Respond quickly and appropriately with automated actions and workflows

Product Capabilities
Get what you need to detect and respond to threats quickly

Improve Security Operations

Unlock the power of analytics-driven security. Identify, prioritize and manage security events with event sequencing, alert management, risk scores, and customizable dashboards and visualizations.

                 Use Splunk as a SIEM                  SIEM Buyer's Guide

Investigative Tools to Respond Fast

Embrace a modern SIEM. Gather all the context you need in one view to perform rapid investigations and response. Reduce risk with actionable content for faster detection and incident response to existing and newly discovered threats.

                 Investigation Workbench                  Learn About ES Content Update

Automate and Respond

Using the Adaptive Operations Framework and integrations with over 50 security vendors, gain context and perform automated response actions to speed up manual tasks — gaining the upper hand against adversaries. Enhance visibility and responsiveness with focused threat detection and accelerated incident investigation.

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                 Enterprise Security Features

Financial Services

Monitor accounts and deliver the best customer experience
Bank on Data

Public Sector

Create operational excellence that would impress any constituency
Vote for More


Automate compliance auditing and strengthen health IT operations
Boost IT Health


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