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Google Cloud

Gain Deeper Data Insights From Your Cloud

For large organizations that have a wide range of data sources in increasingly complex on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures, the Splunk is partnering with Google Cloud to deliver the visibility into their businesses needed to take action in real time. Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud provides a single-pane view for security and IT alerting, investigations and monitoring in order to reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and detect potential security threats. Subscribers can take full advantage of integrations with Google Cloud technologies for monitoring and managing services, containers, applications and infrastructure, all with the confidence that their data is in the trusted Google Cloud infrastructure.

  • Ensure end-to-end visibility across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments
  • Gain real-time visibility across Google Cloud events, logs, performance metrics and billing data
  • Enable faster security investigations, alerting and deeper forensic analysis to accelerate incident resolution
  • Visualize, monitor and alert on the performance of Google Cloud Services in real-time with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Orchestrate security infrastructure Using Splunk Phantom Apps for Google Workspace, Safe Browsing and Big Query
  • Turn monitoring data into actionable insights and reduce the time to triage — remediate application problems on services hosted on Google Cloud using Splunk On-Call

On Demand Webinar

Turn Data into Doing With Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud

Onboard your data regardless of where it exists, organize it, and analyze it to get actionable insights for driving business outcomes.

White Paper

Proactively Monitoring SAP Systems in the Cloud with Splunk

Splunk brings in all the SAP and non-SAP data across the customer’s vast hybrid and multi-cloud environments and makes it easy for administrators to maintain the infrastructure. It helps customers make confident, data-driven SAP cloud migration decisions to accelerate their business, fuel growth, and meet increasing demand.

Splunkbase Add-on

Splunk Add-on for Google Cloud

The Splunk Add-on for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows a Splunk software administrator to collect (GCP) events, logs, performance metrics and billing data using Google Cloud Platform API.

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