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White Paper

Proactively Monitoring SAP Systems in the Cloud with Splunk

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Enterprises continue to benefit from migrating some or all of their SAP systems to one or more cloud platforms for improved flexibility, reliability, high availability, and data access along with reduced costs. But monitoring a complex, hybrid multi-cloud environment can pose certain challenges.

Working together with SAP and SoftwareOne, Splunk developed Service Intelligence for SAP® solutions, part of our Observability solution portfolio, to overcome these issues. Service Intelligence for SAP links SAP and non-SAP data from disparate systems, load balances, middleware, firewalls, and cloud metrics — the entire IT landscape — and provides visibility across end-to-end business processes.


Download this White Paper to learn about the benefits that Splunk offers SAP customers, including:

  • Eliminate siloed monitoring by consolidating all cyber and operational resilience tools into a single platform
  • Receive near-real-time responses
  • Simplify audits with historical forensic data analysis
  • Secure data dynamically, monitor custom tables and systems, and customize data collection
  • Integrate with SAP products through 11 SAP certified integrations

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