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Synthetic Monitoring

Deliver better web, mobile and API experiences with the most advanced synthetic monitoring in any observability suite.

synthetic-monitoring-hero synthetic-monitoring-hero

Deliver great user-experiences with best-in-class synthetic monitoring

monitoring-and-diagnostics monitoring-and-diagnostics

Monitor, Visualize, Alert

Detect and resolve issues faster across critical user flows, business transactions and API endpoints.

improving-website-performance improving-website-performance

Optimize Web Performance

A web optimization engine that finds, fixes and prevents web performance issues before users are affected.

improve-user-experience improve-user-experience

Improve user-experience

Monitor and identify trends from all page resources and third-party dependencies impacting end-users.

Product Capabilities

Proactively find, fix, and prevent web performance issues from impacting customers

Maximize uptime

Proactively detect, communicate and resolve issues for critical service endpoints, URLs, APIs and business transactions.

maaximize-uptime maaximize-uptime

Improve page performance

Improve page loading, interactivity and visual stability with the most modern performance metrics of any observability platform. Isolate slow third parties and eliminate every last JavaScript error.

mprove-page-performance mprove-page-performance

Deliver better deployments

Ensure optimal performance for every build and deployment with pass/fail builds for CICD pipelines, integration with SLAs and SLOs and testing performance in pre-production.

deliver-better-deployments deliver-better-deployments

Visualize end-user experience

Filmstrips and screenshots show how end users experience your site, while Core Web Vitals illustrate how your code impacts customer experience.

visualize-end-user-experience visualize-end-user-experience

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