SLO/SLI Monitoring

Keep Tabs on Important KPIs With Business Workflows
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splunk real user monitoring (rum) splunk real user monitoring (rum)

Track SLI/SLOs and improve business KPIs

End-to-End Transactions

Define business workflows based on important business KPIs

Smart Alerting

Detect and alert on any service degradation

Radius of Impact

See how service performance impacts dependent business workflows

Product Capabilities
Uniquely improve business KPIs in a microservices, cloud environment
KPIs in a cloud environment

Out-of-the-box dashboards and configuration wizards help monitor important KPIs, defined by grouping together relevant end-to-end traces and transactions based on any microservice, tag or initiating operation.

Smart alerts on any SLI degradation

Use NoSample full-fidelity tracing to track the performance of business workflows and be alerted if a threshold is hit, a sudden change occurs or a historical anomaly arises. No traces are sampled; no issue will go undetected.

Accelerated troubleshooting

Use the service map to see any service's impact radius on its dependent workflows. Get to root causes at a glance with Tag Spotlight.

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