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Splunk is now officially part of Cisco, bringing the full power of the network together with market-leading security and observability solutions.

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Splunk has teamed up with Cisco to deliver engineers and ITOps teams with an improved leading observability experience.
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Accelerate Digital Resilience with Splunk AI Assistant for SPL

Splunk is proud to launch and make generally available globally, our generative AI powered Splunk AI Assistant for SPL.
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Fast Track to Digital Resilience: Splunk Platform Innovation

Announcing Splunk Enterprise 9.3 and the latest Splunk Cloud Platform release, giving you all the tools you need to drive digital resilience.
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New Splunk Innovations Help Build a Leading Observability Practice for the Whole Enterprise

The latest and greatest from Splunk Observability to help keep your entire stack up and running, no matter where it’s deployed or who’s troubleshooting.
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Introducing the SIEM of the Future: Splunk® Enterprise Security 8.0

Introducing the SIEM of the future, Splunk® Enterprise Security 8.0 – available now in a private preview to revolutionize the SOC workflow experience.


Latest Articles

Learn 4 Min Read

Explainable vs. Interpretable Artificial Intelligence

Let’s break down two common terms in AI: explainability and interpretability. A complicated concept, yes, but we’ve got you covered!
Leadership 3 Min Read

A More Resilient Digital Future for Our APAC Customers and Partners With Splunk + Cisco

Splunk's Simon Davies, Senior Vice President and General Manager - APAC, shares a closer look at what the combination of Splunk and Cisco means for Asia Pacific.
Learn 10 Min Read

The CVE & CVE Management, Explained

The CVE is a go-to public list of vulnerabilities and exposures that threat actors can harness. Get the full story for managing CVEs here.

Technical Review of Splunk AI Assistant for SPL

The Splunk AI Assistant for SPL (SAIAS) is a generative AI-powered assistive app that accelerates user day-to-day tasks.
Learn 8 Min Read

User Engagement Metrics To Know

Measuring user engagement (UX) shows how users interact with your products and services. UX metrics help you know what’s working and what to improve.
Security 4 Min Read

Splunk Security Content for Impact Assessment of CrowdStrike Windows Outage

This blog is intended to help existing Splunk customers who are also customers of CrowdStrike gain visibility into how the CrowdStrike outage may be impacting their organizations.
Learn 7 Min Read

Chaos Testing Explained

A part of SRE, chaos testing is a software testing approach where we intentionally break things in an app in order to test and strengthen its resilience.
Learn 2 Min Read

Continual Learning in AI: How It Works & Why AI Needs It

Learning is easy for humans, and a lot more difficult for artificial intelligence. Learn all about the concept of continual learning here.
Security 3 Min Read

Splunk at Black Hat 2024: Strategic Transformations to Power the SOC of the Future

At Black Hat 2024, Splunk will demonstrate how we’re empowering security teams to embrace strategic transformations and navigate the complex threat landscape.