Splunk and Mandiant: Formidable Defense Against Attackers

The security landscape is ever-changing, intensified by more sophisticated threats, and an increasing number of employees working from home leading to an expanding attack surface. Security professionals are tasked with maintaining a secure environment against a plethora of threats, manifested in thousands of alerts and events that are generated by security controls every day. As a security team, can you feel confident your security tools are up to date and configured to prevent and respond to these new attacks? When a new threat actor comes onto the scene, are you ready to respond? These challenges will not subside, and will likely escalate, as more businesses undergo digital transformation.

Enter the strategic partnership of Splunk and Mandiant. While Mandiant provides threat intelligence and security validation, Splunk ingests that information and analyzes it, empowering security teams to rapidly detect and respond to attacks.

The Mandiant Advantage App for Splunk incorporates three key Mandiant offerings:

  1. Mandiant Threat Intelligence  
  2. Mandiant Security Validation  
  3. Mandiant Incident Response

Mandiant Threat Intelligence 

Mandiant Threat Intelligence, coupled with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security, delivers the latest threat research directly to the SOC, allowing security teams to quickly see and detect real-time adversary activity. This information empowers organizations to better understand the adversary and their tactics so they can make informed decisions and take decisive action. Freemium intelligence feeds provide insights into well known malicious actors, malware families, and maps to MITRE ATT&CK for strategic response.

Mandiant Security Validation

Mandiant Security Validation, coupled with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security, allows customers to gain confidence in their readiness to withstand cyber attacks. While Mandiant tests the efficacy of control points to block attacks, it also validates that event information is being sent to Splunk Enterprise, and triggering alerts in Splunk Enterprise Security. With Mandiant and Splunk continuously validating the effectiveness of their cybersecurity controls, customers will have real data on how security controls are performing, allowing them to optimize their environments and make the right investments for the future.

Mandiant Incident Response

In the face of a suspected or active breach, customers can use the integration between Mandiant Incident Response, Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security to engage with Mandiant Intelligence experts with the click of a button. This can help customers build their incident response capabilities, respond to active breaches and bolster their security operations to detect and respond to attacks in the future. 

Download the Mandiant App Today

To get started, download the Mandiant Advantage App from Splunkbase, enter your Mandiant API keys for either Security Validation or Threat Intelligence, and then you are up and running. You will also have access to Mandiant Customer Success with your normal threat intelligence. 

To stay up to date on all things Mandiant and Splunk, head over to our Mandiant Global Strategic Partner Page


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