Robin Pille

Robin Pille

Robin is a Principal Technical Writer at Splunk, where she wields her boundless enthusiasm to absorb new knowledge and write down the useful bits. When she’s not documenting something, she can be found acquiring books faster than she can read them, organizing events for her meetup on career management, or volunteering as a literacy tutor. She is available to champion the cause of the Oxford comma at any time on Twitter @robinpille.

Official Title:

Principal Technical Writer

What You Really Do:

Help customers and colleagues be successful in meeting their goals, with software or otherwise.

Favorite Quote:

“If your plan is for 1 year plant rice. If your plan is for 10 years plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years educate children.”

– Confucius

Favorite Movie:

Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead

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