Mike Dickey

Mike taught himself to code in the 1980’s by keying video game programs from Rainbow magazines into his dad’s Color Computer. He founded his first company in high school, and dropped out of Carnegie Mellon to become a full-time entrepreneur. Since then, Mike has built and sold three startup companies. His latest venture was Cloudmeter, which Splunk acquired in 2013 and renamed as Splunk Stream. Mike has had various leadership roles at Splunk focusing on Engineering, Architecture, Infrastructure, and most recently Product Management.

Official Title:

Senior Director, Engineering

What You Really Do:

Product Management for Splunk’s Enterprise & Universal Forwarder container images, Cloud images, Kubernetes & operating systems


Sailing, Off-road Biking, Live Music

Favorite Quote:

“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”

-John F. Kennedy

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