Martha Creedon

Martha is a fostered Melbournian, originally from Ireland and has called Melbourne home for the past 9 years. When not searching for top talent for Splunk, she enjoys spending time with her family & friends. Like many of the talent team, she has a passion for food, culture and travel. Diversity and Employment Branding are two of her special interests as well as meeting new people everyday!

Official Title:

Senior Talent Acquisition Recruiter

What You Really Do:

Try to keep everyone happy. I am lucky to tell people about how cool Splunk is for a living and then watch their career prosper.


Socializing, spending time with my daughter & fiancé, traveling, checking out new food hotspots in Melbourne and boozy brunches.

Favorite Quote:

"If a cat has kittens in the greenhouse, you don't call them tomatoes"

Favorite Movie:

Dirty Dancing