Kathleen Castaillac

Kathleen Castaillac

Kathleen Castaillac has overseen the Global Event Marketing team at Splunk since 2019. Previously, she has lead programming at various publishing houses in NY and CA as well as creating the event function at Box. Kathleen believes in the power of EQ and addressing the human side of all situations and in exploring how to bring absurd ideas into the cool kid’s club.

Official Title:

Sr. Director, Global Event Marketing

What You Really Do:

I run the Global Events Market


Cooking, Reading, Travel, Wine, NYT Spelling Bee, Raising good humans.

Favorite Quote:

"You have exactly one life in which to do everything you will ever do. Plan accordingly."

- Colin Wright

Favorite Movie:

The Princess Bride

Favorite Album:

The Colour and The Shape, Foo Fighters

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