David Veuve

David Veuve

David has been with Splunk since 2013, and was a customer for 3.5 years. As a Principal Security Strategist, he helps security customers solve interesting problems across ES, UBA and Splunk Enterprise. A veteran of five .confs, he’s presented to hundreds of Splunkers about advanced SPL, scalable analytics and UBA. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, he now lives in New York City and likes to travel and photograph the world.

Official Title:

Principal Security Strategist

What You Really Do:

Help large security customers solve interesting problems in and around Splunk.

Favorite Quote:

Not a quote, but my Splunk Life Motto: “Oh yeah, just tstats that #@&!”

– self (Life Motto)

Favorite Movie:

1995’s Hackers – proudly!

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