Disha Sharma

Disha Sharma

Having spent 10+ years in the industry, being a Splunker and working with Splunk is just awesome! I am passionate about Splunk as a company and as a product. Splunk's core values of innovative, passionate, disruptive, open and fun always inspire me to contribute more to the growth and journey. Before joining Splunk, I worked as a Technical Architect at Infosys for 4 years and enabled Splunk for many use-cases for clients — American Express and Phoenix. Happily married for 15 years and proud, I'm also a mother of two daughters!

Official Title:

Senior Splunk Engineer

What You Really Do:

Splunking on the Splunk@Splunk Team and enabling every team to make data-driven decisions to achieve their goals faster.


Splunking, Music, Dance, Travel, Photography and Singing...Living life colorfully!