Bryan Jennewein

Bryan Jennewein

Vocational Technologist. Voracious Academic. Feminist Philosopher. Meditator & Mindfulness Cultivator. Irish Wolfhound Dog Dad. I strive to employ my vocation, knowledge, and hobbies to make the world a better place and laugh a lot with as many awesome people as I can.

Official Title:

Director, Community Engagement

What You Really Do:

Drive Community engagement programs that help passionate Splunk enthusiasts connect, learn, help, and inspire each other.

First Day at Splunk:

I completely killed it at a LipSynch battle by rapping Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” (… flawlessly). Make your mark early, folks.


Spartan Races, Olympic Weightlifting, Teaching, Researching, Low-Carb Cooking, and Superheroes.

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