Alex Cain

Alex Cain

Alex is a former customer turned Splunker. He started his career with the Department of Energy at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a Splunk analyst. In February of 2015, Alex joined Splunk. He started by fighting fires in IT, where he was the product owner for the internal deployment of Splunk. Later, he transitioned into Product Management. Today, he works on add-ons and connectors for cloud providers and dev ops services. He grew up in central Indiana, and now lives in Hayward, CA with his wife where they do college and young adult ministry with their church. In his free time he enjoys roasting/brewing/drinking coffee, hiking, reading, gaming, and lots of movies.

Official Title:

Sr. Product Manager

What You Really Do:

Work on add-ons and connectors for Splunk


Drinking coffee, hiking, brewing coffee, reading, roasting coffee, and playing video games

Favorite Movie:

Groundhog Day

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