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On the Road: Vive Le Data!

The World Cup players weren’t the only ones scoring goals this summer; Splunk CEO Doug Merritt recaps his most recent customer visits

.conf & SplunkLive!

Track Talks: What’s Happening in IT at .conf18

Join us at .conf18 to learn more about our unique vision for IT and the many investments we've made to turn that vision into a reality


What Keeps the CISO Awake at Night? Four Dreaded Security Headlines

Would your organization's security team be prepared if these headlines appear in tomorrow's news?

.conf & SplunkLive!

Track Talks: What's in Store for Developers at .conf18

Splunker Tom Chavez shares a look at just a few of the Developer sessions he's looking forward to at .conf18

Splunk Life

Splunkers For a Week: Work Experience at Splunk

Engineering students, Mykelia Hill and Ambre Bertrand share their work experience highlights after a week in the Splunk London office

Machine Learning

Introducing the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit Version 3.4

Check out key features in the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit version 3.4, including new functionalities, more visualization and a neural network algorithm out of the box

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