Splunk Blogs - Listen To Your Data


Global Partner Summit FY19: Growth, Announcements, and Awards, Oh My!

Recapping the highlights from our Global Partner Summit FY19 in Las Vegas


Checking Your Data Pulse: Using Machine Data as a Prescription for Your Organization's Health

Using machine data as part of the daily prescription for your organization's health

.conf & SplunkLive!

.conf2017 Customer Speaker Story: Bob Clasen, MITRE

MITRE's Bob Clasen shares his .conf2017 experience and offers some key takeaways for those curious about submitting a .conf18 talk of their own


Splunk @ Splunk: VM Monitoring & Capacity Management

Sean Jacobs explains how Splunk stays ahead of the curve while minimizing costs and providing the best possible services to customers

Machine Learning

Cyclical Statistical Forecasts and Anomalies - Part 3

The final of a three-part series on the basics of statistical anomalies and forecasting in Splunk to create brilliant alerts for single values moving through time

Women in Tech

From Unicorns To Robots: Further Coding Adventures Of A Nine Year Old Girl

Matt Davies's nine-year-old daughter continues her journey to learn how to code

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