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Splunk Security Services focus on implementing Splunk’s security products: Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), Splunk User Behavior Analytics and the Splunk PCI Application. Additionally, our expert security professionals can assist with rapidly up-leveling your Security environment. If you have a legacy SIEM product, Splunk Security Services can help you design and replace it with Splunk's forward looking security portfolio.

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Splunk Security and Compliance Services Offerings

Jump start your Enterprise Security deployment with this offering geared toward getting you up and running quickly and accelerate your time to value. This engagement with Splunk's experienced team is designed for rapid implementation of Enterprise Security in your environment.

Quickly achieve new GDPR visibility with the GDPR Implementation Success offering. Whether you are a new or existing Splunk user, get recommended GDPR outcomes, hand-picked use cases and dashboards to support your compliance strategy.

Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is a machine learning-powered solution that flags unknown threats and anomalous behavior across users, endpoint devices and applications. Splunk's Machine Learning services team can assist with UBA implementation and anomaly optimization.

Whether you are working on an initial deployment or maturing your security posture, the Splunk Enterprise Security Use Case Development Workshop can help. This workshop is designed to increase the effectiveness of your security posture by developing a customized security monitoring and alerting strategy that aligns with your risk priorities and business needs.

Your security stakeholders will realize the opportunities they have to increase their security posture with Splunk security analytics aligned to the CIS Top 20 controls. Our assessment we will provide a comprehensive list of recommendations, aligned to the CIS Top 20 Controls, to be used as a roadmap for security maturity.

Our proven methodology for replacing legacy SIEM products will help you make an easy decision on upgrading to Splunk Enterprise Security for your SIEM. We understand that you have to continue running your existing SIEM while implementing Splunk Enterprise Security, our replacement assessment creates a well-informed plan to tackle this effectively; focused on minimizing operational impacts.

Even mature security postures can be exploited by malicious actors who take advantage of unforeseen vulnerabilities in your network. Respond quickly to determine the extent of the incident and re-establish the integrity of your network with Splunk's breach response support. Splunk experts can augment your internal team to increase your threat hunting capacity.