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Splunk Enterprise Platform PRICING

Choose Volume or Compute-Based Pricing Plans for Ultimate Flexibility

Know what's happening in your business and take action with private cloud or on-premise deployments.

Splunk Enterprise

Get actionable intelligence

Available Pricing Plans:
Workload Pricing
Ingest Pricing

  • Volume- or compute-based pricing options available
  • Unlimited users
  • Ability to scale up to unlimited amounts of data per day
  • Aggregate, index, search, analyze, visualize, monitor and alert on your data
  • Mission-critical performance, scale and reliability
  • Complete control over implementation and resource use when deployed in a private cloud or on-premises environment
  • Explore our free option with one user at up to 500 MB data ingest per day
  • Standard support included, Premium support available

Splunk Data Stream Processor

Collect, process, then deliver data to splunk and other destinations

Available Pricing Plans:
Workload Pricing

  • Massive scale, real-time stream processing for terabytes of data
  • Continuously collect, filter and format high-velocity, high-volume data based on specified conditions
  • Mask sensitive or private information
  • Deliver data to multiple destinations across the enterprise
  • Unlimited users
  • Infrastructure-based Pricing
  • On-premises term licenses only
  • Standard support included, Premium support available

Ways to Buy

Find the best way to purchase Splunk for your needs

What can you do with Splunk?