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Improving Global Cyber Defense Starts With Trust

Perspectives Podcast: Executive highlights from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity.

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One November, a major retailer detected activity involving a brand new JavaScript Remote Access Tool (RAT).

It wasn’t just any Javascript RAT, though. The retailer linked it to two recent phishing emails. The company shared information about this threat with other major retailers, which reported that they found the same malware but were able to address the threat in time because of the alert.

Incidents like these are why cooperation and information sharing among organizations are crucial. This transparency matters because bad actors won’t just target a single victim; they are lazy, so they will repeat the same attack and one of them will be successful. To combat this, organizations need to be transparent and incentivised to share with one another — and they’re only transparent to the extent that they trust one another.

Such transparency and trust was top of mind at this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting on Cybersecurity. The event brings together cybersecurity leaders to discuss how we can create a more secure, resilient world and we’re bringing this episode of the Perspectives Podcast to you straight from WEF headquarters in Geneva. I had the pleasure of speaking with Splunk’s SVP and general manager for EMEA Petra Jenner and CISO Jason Lee. In addition to global cooperation, we discussed other highlights that include CISO attrition, the CISO’s integration with the rest of the C-suite, and the maturity of AI use cases in cybersecurity.

Watch, download or listen to the full episode below. Thanks for tuning in.

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