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Executive Predictions: What Tech Leaders Should Brace for in 2024

What will the next year bring, especially from a technology and AI standpoint? Splunk's chief strategy officer weighs in.

A headshot of Ammar Maraqa

If there were spoilers for the year 2024, they’d be worth quite a lot on the auction block.

That’s because they’d hold the answers to some of today’s million-dollar questions: After so much anticipation for AI, what outcomes will we see? How do we guard against handing over too much data and control to AI? How can businesses balance the need to innovate with the need to keep their organizations secure?

While we don’t have fail-proof answers, we’ve shared our leaders’ best guesses to these questions and more in our annual Executive Predictions. In this episode of the Perspectives Podcast, I spoke with Splunk Chief Strategy Officer Ammar Maraqa about insights within the report. Like what cyber resilience mandates mean for the C-suite, why early regulation on AI could be good, and how unexpected attack vectors might appear in the coming year.

Watch, download or listen to the full episode below for what business leaders should expect in 2024. And don’t forget to download the full report. Thanks for tuning in.

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