Security Monitoring

Never miss a gap in your security posture with Splunk's flexible out-of-the-box or customizable correlations, searches and visualizations of all your data. See your full environment with real-time monitoring and harness the power of a single truth.

Analyst Report  |   Gartner Names Splunk a SIEM Magic Quadrant Leader

Don't miss a thing with continuous and automated security monitoring

Why Splunk for Security Monitoring?

Splunk identifies potential incidents, compromised systems or both by monitoring for vulnerabilities that lead to breaches. Better protect critical data to quickly understand and remediate malicious activity, such as multiple infections on a host.

Maintain a consistent and accurate monitoring process using Splunk's continuous monitoring capabilities that enable predefined correlation rules and the ability for security practitioners to easily customize rules.

Splunk helps organizations establish a historical baseline for audits and understanding the scope and data in your infrastructure while helping with compliance requirements. 

Product Capabilities
Protect critical data through continuous monitoring and detection
Flexible, Customizable Security

Simply use out-of-the-box or customized correlations, searches and visualizations of all monitored data in real time to get a clear perspective of your organization's security posture.

Scalable Analytics-Driven Monitoring

With machine data, analytics-driven insights, Splunk enables security analysts to accurately identify root cause and make informed decisions on issue remediation.

Enhance and See the Value of Splunk

Splunkbase enhances and extends the Splunk platform with a library of hundreds of apps and add-ons from Splunk, our partners and our community.

A good way to start to learn how Splunk can be used for many security use cases in your environment is by downloading the free trial of Splunk Enterprise and free Splunk Security Essentials app to see the power of Splunk's Search Processing Language (SPL) showcased with security use case examples in Splunk. Each use case includes sample data and actionable searches that can immediately be put to use in your environment. 

Financial Services

Monitor accounts and detect threats in real time
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Automate audit reporting
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Public Sector

Achieve mission success with compliance and auditing monitoring
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