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Accelerate cloud-driven transformation

Secure, operate and innovate faster across your multicloud and hybrid environment with the industry’s leading data platform and solutions.

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The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation

Drive business outcomes at all stages of your cloud journey.

Succeed across environments Succeed across environments

Succeed across environments

Manage complexity and break down silos across your ecosystem, from on-prem to cloud-native

Power agility Power agility

Power agility

Move quickly, be adaptive and innovate faster, while keeping costs in check

Act on your data Act on your data

Rapidly act on all of your data

Turn massive amounts of data into doing across security, IT, DevOps and beyond

The challenge

Overcome cloud complexity

Cloud is critical to modernization, but the added complexity means leaders must take new approaches. Organizations are dealing with:

  • More services to monitor and secure
  • More potential points of failure and unpredictability
  • More data across an expanded attack surface
  • More tools causing data silos and blindspots between systems

Splunk helps organizations manage this complexity and accelerate their multicloud and hybrid strategies.

challenges challenges


Realize the full potential of cloud transformation

Splunk is the data backbone for the evolving technology landscape, providing unparalleled visibility across your ecosystem so you can rapidly take action.

The Splunk Platform

the splunk platform the splunk platform
speed of cloud speed of cloud
Act at the speed of cloud
Scalability Scalability

Expand your team’s reach

data sprawl data sprawl

Tackle data sprawl

The Splunk platform connects all of your data from any source, powering end-to-end visibility, rapid investigation and limitless data-driven possibilities.

Monitoring and troubleshooting across all environments

The multicloud and hybrid stack has made it difficult to see across the entire IT landscape. Data trapped in silos leads to long times to detect and resolve issues.

Find and fix problems fast with visibility and insight into the health and performance of your entire IT stack, across any environment and in real time.

troubleshooting troubleshooting

Faster problem detection



Reduction in incident investigation time

Security for the cloud journey

Lack of visibility into the expanded attack surface can create high-risk vulnerabilities and compliance gaps.

Easily monitor, investigate, analyze and detect threats across hybrid and multicloud environments, unifying and strengthening your security posture.

security for the cloud journey security for the cloud journey

Less time for critical cybersecurity triage for multicloud



Time saved for audit and compliance

Predictive service intelligence

The cost of downtime and performance issues is devastating for critical services that power digital business operations. Organizations need visibility that connects back-end services to business metrics.

Maintain 24/7 service availability with continuous, full-stack visibility and predictive analytics powered by AI and ML.

predictive service intelligence predictive service intelligence

Reduction in unplanned downtime


45 min

Advanced prediction of outages

Observability for rapid innovation

Understanding interdependencies and pinpointing which service is causing a problem create massive headaches for DevOps teams that don’t have the right tools.

Improve user experience, accelerate developer productivity and future-proof your applications.

observability-for-rapid-innovation observability-for-rapid-innovation

Faster detection and pinpointing of issues



Improvement in developer efficiency

nasdaq background nasdaq background
Customer Story
Nasdaq Goes All-In on Cloud
Leading stock market index discovers what it takes to thrive in the Data Age with Splunk.

We view Splunk as a strategic partner in our cloud journey, and a key part of our delivery and understanding of what's going on with our customers and how they use our products.

Brad Peterson, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Nasdaq
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