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Splunk is now officially part of Cisco, bringing the full power of the network together with market-leading security and observability solutions.

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Splunk has teamed up with Cisco to deliver engineers and ITOps teams with an improved leading observability experience.
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Accelerate Digital Resilience with Splunk AI Assistant for SPL

Splunk is proud to launch and make generally available globally, our generative AI powered Splunk AI Assistant for SPL.
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Fast Track to Digital Resilience: Splunk Platform Innovation

Announcing Splunk Enterprise 9.3 and the latest Splunk Cloud Platform release, giving you all the tools you need to drive digital resilience.
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New Splunk Innovations Help Build a Leading Observability Practice for the Whole Enterprise

The latest and greatest from Splunk Observability to help keep your entire stack up and running, no matter where it’s deployed or who’s troubleshooting.
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Introducing the SIEM of the Future: Splunk® Enterprise Security 8.0

Introducing the SIEM of the future, Splunk® Enterprise Security 8.0 – available now in a private preview to revolutionize the SOC workflow experience.


Latest Articles

Learn 5 Min Read

What Is Cyber Forensics?

Cyber forensics is getting information, analyzing it, and gaining intelligence about criminal activities involving technology. Learn how it's done here.
Platform 3 Min Read

Announcing the Splunk SPL to SPL2 Converter

Introducing Splunk’s SPL to SPL2 converter, now available for Splunk Data Management‘s Edge Processor and Ingest Processor.
Platform 2 Min Read

Introducing Ingest Processor: An Evolution in Splunk Data Management

Splunk is pleased to announce the general availability of Ingest Processor, a Splunk-hosted offering within Splunk Cloud Platform designed to help customers achieve greater efficiencies in data transformation and improved visibility into data in motion.
Tips & Tricks 7 Min Read

Visualising Network Patterns with Splunk and Graphistry

One of the best ways to understand what is happening in the environment for security, observability or any other use case is to visualise the data. Network data is vital since it tells us how systems are connected and understanding it uplifts resiliency across the organisation. In this blog post, we use the Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning (DSDL) and Graphistry to visualise network data to represent the current state of the environment. Deep understanding of the network can help us identify and stop security threats earlier and improve application performance.
Learn 5 Min Read

What’s EDR? Endpoint Detection & Response

Learn how Endpoint Detection and Response secures endpoints and detects hidden threats to help organizations achieve better cybersecurity.
DevOps 6 Min Read

How to Test a User Workflow To Resolve Issues Before Impact

Splunk Synthetic Monitoring helps test your most important user workflows so that you can find and fix issues before real users are impacted.
Splunk Life 2 Min Read

Achieving Equilibrium: How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Splunk Propel Juan’s Life Forward

Juan Ramos, Staff Technical Success Engineer, shares how he was able to balance his personal passion and professional ambition with Splunk.
Learn 4 Min Read

Trustworthy AI & AIMS (Artificial Intelligence Management Systems)

AIMS is a standardization framework that allows organizations to manage risks and opportunities associated with AI. Want trustworthy AI? Start with AIMS.
Platform 2 Min Read

Monitoring Bucket Health in Splunk Enterprise

Splunker Matteo Palarchio explains how small buckets can have a big impact on Splunk Enterprise performance.