We’re Open! The Splunk Immersive Experience, powered by AWS is officially launched

On Thursday the 9th February I was delighted to join my fellow Splunkers, colleagues from AWS and valued customers and partners for the launch of the brand new Splunk Immersive Experience (SIE) powered by AWS.

The opening reception included panel discussions covering our 4 key retail themes for FY24 (Digital Experience, Store Operations, Supply Chain Resilience, and Sustainability) and guided tours of the SIE. 

The SIE journey is thoughtfully crafted to showcase industry-specific solutions for known use cases and highlight tangible business value and outcomes that Splunk and AWS can deliver.  These key use cases are brought to life via our fictitious company, the Splunk T-Shirt Company.

Splunk at Home

In the Home area we demonstrated how the right Digital Experience allows the Splunk T-Shirt Company to gain greater visibility across their digital channels; monitor the experience of their customers in real time and identify bottlenecks and errors that affect the overall performance and experience. This allows the T-Shirt Company to provide a frictionless experience to their customers. With AWS, the T-Shirt Company is also able to personalize the experience from start to finish.

Splunk In Store

When we walked through the T-Shirt Company’s physical Retail Store, we demonstrate how having the right store operations in place allows for improved uptime and performance of complex infrastructure, services and applications across store environments. Making sure POS and other hardware is up to date and running as it should, avoiding downtime and poor in-store experiences. 

Supply Chain and Logistics

To ensure the T-Shirt Companies store and home deliveries run smoothly, we need supply chain resilience. In the Logistics area we saw how Splunk and AWS help to build resilience and visibility in the T-Shirt Companies supply chain operations by breaking down the complexity of multiple systems and creating one view of the end to end process, ensuring a better customer experience and profitability.

Splunk & Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything the T-Shirt company does, and by leveraging the right technology together we show how they overcome sustainability challenges and drive change for the future. Understanding the carbon footprint of their data centers, identifying emission hotspots in real time and keeping track of their emission reduction goals is all made possible with Splunk and AWS.

Simplifying the Complexity

Customers and Partners also saw how bringing contact center data together with contextual awareness of digital experience helps for proactive issue resolution and faster call handling, before seeing the Splunk T-Shirt Company’s Central Control Center. This is where the complexity of the thousands of systems used to run their business is simplified and brought to life, providing security and observability of their whole business.

Real-world customer problems front and centre

During the launch, customers and partners saw how the SIE brings to life real world customer problems from across multiple industries and helps create an engaging, memorable experience. 

By enabling this inspirational discovery, Splunk and AWS can leverage their industry knowledge and expertise to help customers achieve their objectives and goals faster and more efficiently.

I am very much looking forward to watching the SIE grow and develop as new use cases and industry scenarios are added, and more and more customers and partners pass through and gain insights and learnings from it.

To find out more, and to see it yourself, please reach out to your account representative at Splunk or AWS.

Mike Plimsoll
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Mike Plimsoll

Mike is a seasoned digital strategist focused on driving efficiencies, resilience and improved ROI through the enhanced use of data and analytics.

He currently leads the Industry Advisory Team in EMEA for Splunk and is responsible for shaping,

defining and delivering the GTM Strategy per industry and driving growth and value for customers across key stages of their lifecycle.

Prior to Splunk, he led the Industry Strategy & Marketing team globally at Sitecore, as well as various Industry and Product Marketing roles at Adobe.  

Outside work he has a strong interest in travel, food and wine; investing and collecting wine and tasting and learning all the time. He has completed both WSET Level 1 & 2 and enjoys spending time at 67 Pall Mall with friends, colleagues and family.