AIOps No Bullsh...Just IT

The IT Operations space has a ton of recent advancements, and arguably the most elusive Observability unicorn for many organizations has got to be "AIOps," perhaps with "proactive monitoring" coming in as a close second place.

You may be thinking:

Is AIOps a product, an ideology, another IT acronym/buzzword, or is it just "proactive monitoring"?

First things first: What in the heck (all puns intended) is AIOps?

Gartner was the first to define AIOps in 2017 and just published their 2022 iteration of the the “Market Guide for AIOps Platforms.”  

According to the latest guide, the AIOps Market definition is:

“AIOps platforms analyze telemetry and events, and identify meaningful patterns that provide insights to support proactive responses. AIOps platforms have five characteristics:
  1. Cross-domain data ingestion and analytics
  2. Topology assembly from implicit and explicit sources of asset relationship and dependency
  3. Correlation between related or redundant events associated with an incident
  4. Pattern recognition to detect incidents, their leading indicators or probable root cause
  5. Association of probable remediation”

Now that we covered the current definition of AIOps from the creator of the term, let's quickly review the three distinct market categories:

  1. Data and Analytics tools
  2. AIOps Features
  3. AIOps Platforms

So what’s next?

Great question! Here at Splunk we believe that we are uniquely positioned to bring iterative value to your AIOps journey and make Splunk’s mantra of “Turn Data into Doing” a reality!

We ask that you do these 3 things:

  • Check out my .conf22 Breakout Session with Jenna Eagle, OBS1299C - AIOps Use Cases With Splunk. No Bullsh… Just IT!
  • We want to enable and empower you! As every business has intricacies we’d love to hear of any focus areas that may be of interest to you and your teams. Please comment below.
  • Stay tuned in as we release new blogs under the "AIOps No Bullsh... Just IT" series where we will deep dive into each of AIOps 5 platform's characteristics. Ensuring each is digestible, actionable, and ultimately assist you with a practical & iterative approach to implementation.

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Jeff Wiedemann

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