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Splunk continues its commitment to state and local government and higher education by achieving an 'Authorized' designation from the State Risk and Authorization Management Program (StateRAMP®).

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Industries 4 Min Read

Bringing It Together: How Fusion Centers Drive Financial Services Resilience

To address ongoing challenges in financial services, SecOps, ITOps, and engineering teams are turning to Fusion Centers to help tackle rising cybercrime and become more resilient in the face of more nefarious attacks.
Industries 3 Min Read

Future-Proofing Resilience: How Manufacturers Are Navigating Growing Pains of IT/OT Convergence

As manufacturing grapples with digitization challenges, Splunker Tom Harrop dives into how the manufacturing industry is future-proofing resilience.
Industries 2 Min Read

Improvements to DSDL Container Build Process

We’re happy to announce that with the upcoming release of DSDL 5.1.1 we’re significantly overhauling the build process for containers in DSDL.
Industries 2 Min Read

SOARing High for M-21-31

Explore three key considerations when implementing logging orchestration, automation, and response for OMB M-21-31.
Industries 2 Min Read

Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning - What’s New in Version 5.1.1

In this article, we'll dive into what's new in the recently released Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning (DSDL) version 5.1.1 available on Splunkbase now.
Industries 10 Min Read

Machine Learning in General, Trade Settlement in Particular

Use the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit to predict the categorical value of any binary field in an event, and how this approach can be used to predict whether a financial trade will settle before its deadline based on the business semantics of related data.
Industries 2 Min Read

GovSummit Is Returning to the Nation’s Capital This December: Here Are 5 Reasons to Attend

GovSummit is returning to the nation’s capital to bring together innovative public sector leaders and demonstrate how you can deliver on the nation’s cyber strategy with Splunk.
Industries 5 Min Read

Improvements to Detecting Modern Financial Crime

This blog provides advice to scale the collection and detection of risk scores that are attributed to Financial Crime rules stored in Splunk.
Industries 3 Min Read

Know Your Customer Again Revisited

Splunker Nimish Doshi provides more details about how the Splunk App for Behavior Profiling makes operationalizing the Know Your Customer use easier to implement.