Jon LeBaugh

Jon LeBaugh

Jon LeBaugh is a Senior ITOA Solutions Architect at Splunk and responsible for the Boss of the NOC program. Prior to joining Splunk three years ago, Jon spent nearly 15 years in various IT Operations roles at several large financial organizations.

Official Title:

Sr. IT Operations Analytics Architect

What You Really Do:

Provide technical insights, ideas, best practices, and comedic relief around IT Ops with Splunk and IT Service Intelligence.

First Day at Splunk:

A few years ago, I went to .conf as a customer and left as an employee. That was neat.


Live music, tech & whatever my kids are in to this week. Talk nerdy to me.

Favorite Quote:

“My husband is so funny, handsome, and smart! His jokes are just the best!”

- Kellie LeBaugh

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