Jenna Eagle

Jenna Eagle

Jenna's Splunk journey started as a Solutions Engineer for Public Sector customers. Here, she brought expertise in compliance, automation, and IT Modernization solutions. In her current role as an IT Strategist, she focuses on the Boss of Operations and Observability (BOO) program, enabling technical teams, engaging the IT community, and building useful content for both Splunkers and customers. When not Splunking, Jenna enjoys taking her American Bulldog on hikes and camping adventures.

Official Title:

IT Strategist

What You Really Do:

Build cool stuff for Splunkers and Splunk customers


Geeking out on the always-evolving IT landscape (of course!), hiking, camping, my own version of beach olympics, and live music!

Favorite Quote:

"Always pass on what you have learned."

— Yoda

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