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James Brodsky

Long Island->NOVA->Upstate->Global Crossing->CA->IBM->Resolve->Tripwire->Splunk

Platform 4 Min Read

Monitoring Family Pickle Consumption with Splunk!

A fun use case regarding physical security: cameras that sense motion + Splunk = midnight snack auditing.
Security 7 Min Read

Great (Endpoint) Moments with Mr. Lincoln

A look at speedy hunting techniques through Microsoft Sysmon data with Splunk
Security 2 Min Read

Splunk + Cisco = Endpoint Monitoring With No Added Installs

See how the Cisco AnyConnect Network Visibility Module delivers network flow data and execution data from all endpoints to Splunk
Security 4 Min Read

November Spawned an Osquery

This blogs reviews how to hunt through osquery logs
Security 7 Min Read

Steering Clear of the “WannaCry” or “Wanna Decryptor” Ransomware Attack

The detection and prevention of ransomware and other data-destructive malware continues to be one of the highest critical cybersecurity priorities in 2017
Security 2 Min Read

How Splunk Can Help You Prevent Ransomware From Holding Your Business Hostage

Ransomware is a serious issue for companies and individuals. A Splunk download can keep your business from being held hostage, here’s how.