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Splunk products help organizations in every industry become more productive, competitive, and secure with data.

aerospace-and-defense aerospace-and-defense

Aerospace and Defense

Accelerate innovation and mitigate security risks for consistent mission success.

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communications communications


Turn data into action with intelligent analytics and clear insights.

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energy-and-utilities energy-and-utilities

Energy and Utilities

Bridge IT and OT environments and maintain your infrastructure’s operational health and security posture.

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financial-services financial-services

Financial Services

Transform IT, security and business operations through data analytics.

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healthcare healthcare


Support telehealth and telemedicine, protect patient privacy and improve medical device security.

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higher-education higher-education

Higher Education

Drive institutional effectiveness and facilitate teaching, education and research using the power of data.

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manufacturing manufacturing


Monitor your supply chain, predict maintenance needs and do more with less by analyzing IT and OT data within a single platform.

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nonprofits nonprofits


Serve communities and lead social change with data-driven insights.

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online-services online-services

Online Services

Identify, monitor and secure data with observability across IT and cloud-native ecosystems

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public-sector public-sector

Public Sector

Drive confident decisions and decisive actions at mission speeds.

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retail retail


Deliver reliable digital services to keep shopping seamless across channels.

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