Splunk® Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring

See what's happening in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments with end-to-end security, operational and cost-management insights. Get started for less than $2 per hour.

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Love Your Cloud: Improve Your AWS Environment with Splunk Insights

Product Capabilities
A Complete View of Your Cloud

Comprehensive security dashboards

View AWS audit activity, unauthorized users, key-pair and security group violations, VPC traffic source, out-of-band instance provisioning, security assessment findings, compliance checks and AWS instance changes—all on simple-to-use dashboards.

                 Enhance AWS Security                  Rapid Response

Visualize your AWS resources

Because a picture is worth a thousand words our patent-pending topology view provides a graphical representation of your current AWS deployment. It allows you to view the topology and resource relationships by account, region, VPC, tag and time. Hit rewind by using the topology to play back how the environment was built and add interactive layers of insight for each AWS element.

                 Topology Maps at RMS                  More Details

Billing and Cost Management

See your current and historical AWS instance inventory with an in-depth view into the cost of used/unused resources, cost by account, and cost by service. Splunk's AWS cost management capabilities help properly assess cost versus budget over time with interactive capacity and budget planning dashboards.

                 Data Insights Tool                  More Details
Usage Monitoring

Monitor usage of AWS resources with dashboards that allow you to view EC2 instance utilization metrics, EBS footprint and usage details, S3 traffic volume, VPC traffic flow, ELB latency, Lambda activity and CloudFront CDN latency. Visualizations allow for both holistic views (e.g. by account, region, tag and time) and individual instance layers down to the raw search and original metrics.

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Get Started With Splunk Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring

Enjoy a free trial for 15 days on AWS Marketplace. After 15 days, pay as you go through the hourly billing model on AWS Marketplace. For annual licenses, Splunk Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring is priced by how much data you send into your Splunk instance in a day. Enjoy the built-in volume discounts for the Annual license, which you can buy from 10GB/day, 15GB/day to 20GB/day. You can buy an annual license through Splunk sales or AWS Marketplace private offers.