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Product Brief


The Benefits of Splunk as a service—the easiest way to aggregate, analyze and get the answers you need from your machine data

  • Fast time to value: Go live in as early as two days and expand quickly.

  • No infrastructure required: Save money and time on servers, storage and people.

  • Secure: Completed SOC 2 Type 2 attestation and ISO 27001 certification.

  • Maximize value from your resources: Splunk takes care of infrastructure so you don’t have to.

Splunk Cloud delivers Splunk Enterprise as a cloud service, enabling you to get answers from your machine data without the need to purchase, manage and deploy additional infrastructure. Take advantage of the fast time to value, security and reliability of outsourcing your infrastructure management and admin tasks to Splunk, and let your employees focus on the high-level tasks. With Splunk Cloud you benefit from:

  • The fastest time to value. You can go live in as few as two days and minimize delays in change management processes for upgrades. In addition, you’ll be able to expand your Splunk deployment quickly—1TB incremental capacity is available within two days, and you can operate Splunk IT Service Intelligence and Splunk Enterprise Security within weeks

  • The ability to maximize value from your resources. Splunk takes care of the infrastructure management and administration so you don’t have to, allowing your employees to focus on the most important tasks. In addition, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is often less than the cost of running Splunk on your own.

  • Robust security. Your data is safe with Splunk Cloud. Splunk Cloud has completed the rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 attestation and ISO 27001 certification. We provide dedicated cloud environments for each customer, encryption in-transit and optional encryption at rest. For more information on Splunk Cloud security, see our service description.

Splunk Cloud is the easiest way to aggregate image Splunk Cloud is the easiest way to aggregate image

Splunk Cloud is the easiest way to aggregate, analyze and get the answers from your machine data in just days.

Search, Analyze and Visualize

The powerful SPL search language supports all of your search needs—from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Point-and-click analysis brings insights to business users. Rich visualizations then make results understandable and actionable for all audiences.

Collect and Index Data

Collect machine data from virtually any source and location. Use Splunk’s schema-on-read technology to freely analyze and correlate data without the limitations of conventional database structures. Import data from relational databases and data warehouses for a complete business view.

Monitor, Alert and Report

Get proactive. Set thresholds to monitor for incidents or proactively signal potential issues. Use alerts to launch applications or custom actions. Interact with your data with custom dashboards that can be shared or embedded into other applications as PDFs.

Extend Benefits With Splunk Apps

Splunk Cloud includes support for premium solutions such as Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk IT Service Intelligence and 400+ Splunkbase™ apps ready for Splunk Cloud deployments. Splunk apps deliver ready-to-use analytics, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.