Features Splunk Free Splunk Light Splunk Enterprise Splunk Cloud
Maximum Daily Indexing Volume 500MB 20GB Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Users 1 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Universal Data Collection/ Indexing        
Metrics Store        
Data Collection Add-Ons        
Monitoring and Alerting        
Dashboards and Reports        
Search and Analysis        
Event Annotation        
Automatic Data Enrichment        
Anomaly Detection        
Tables, Data Models and Pivot        
Splunkbase Apps   App for AWS (only)    
Splunk Premium Solutions        
High Availability        
Disaster Recovery        
Distributed Search        
Performance Acceleration        
Access Control   User and Admin only Granular and Customizable Granular and Customizable
Single Sign-On/LDAP        
Developer Environment     Full access to APIs and SDKs Full access to APIs and SDKs
Dynamic Data        
Support Community Base Standard or Premium Standard or Premium
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