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Visualizations make it easier to analyze and interact with data during investigations or within dashboards and reports. The right visual goes a long way to understanding the results of the analysis of your most complex data. With rich visualization you can easily find the right diagram to make your results known across your organization—in the boardroom or in the war room. Splunkbase contains a wide array of Splunk-built visuals, and a development framework that makes it simple for customers and partners to create new visuals and make them available to the community.

The visualizations available for Splunk software run the gamut from simple to complex. They can be as straightforward as a chart or as rich as a punchcard. Whether you want to quickly show at-a-glance indicators and hone in on a current issue, or include geospatial maps in your dashboard to let users anticipate issues and needs, there’s a visualization for it. 

Visualizations for Every Need

Many visualizations can be used to analyze and interact with data sets commonly found across use cases such as IT, security and business analytics.


Timeline shows start/stop/duration of processes on a timeline and is commonly used by IT to investigate processes that run for a longer time period and to monitor batch processes. It can also be used for business analytics to quickly portray order processing.


Punchcard can be used by both security and IT. For IT the clear visualization of a metric as a “punchcard” over two dimensions: hours of the day and days of the week is great for resource planning while security personnel utilize the same visualization to temporally analyze behavior. 

Horizon Charts

Horizon Charts are great to see above or below baseline of a lot of time series on a small space. These are great for benchmark analysis. 

And Many More

Install visualizations from Splunkbase and have them at your fingertips.