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Perpetual License


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A “Sensor” refers to a unit that streams a single type of numerical time-stamped data from an asset, application or other entity into the software. A Sensor is measured as a unique combination of 'metric_name' and 'asset' that is ingested into Splunk's metrics index in the past 24 hours.

What has Splunk changed?

Effective November 1, 2019, Splunk will no longer sell perpetual licenses for any new product or service sales globally. Customers can continue to purchase new Splunk products with Term licenses or Splunk Cloud services.

Is this a global change for Splunk?

Yes, this is a global change.

Can customers continue using their perpetual license?

Yes, customers can continue to use the existing perpetual license. However, if you require additional Splunk products, you can leverage our Term licenses or Cloud services.

How does this change affect customers who have existing software purchased under a perpetual license?

Customers with existing perpetual software can retain their software license and continue usage in accordance with their license agreement. If their product is covered by a maintenance and support plan, they will continue receiving benefits and will have the option to renew it.


Since Splunk is eliminating perpetual products, will the maintenance and support contract be limited in anyway, such as limited upgrades, patches, or fixes? Will Splunk continue to upgrade the software?

Customers will continue to purchase and receive the full benefits of their maintenance and support contract. Please review Splunk Software Support Policy for additional information regarding our support terms and conditions.

How does this impact customers on a maintenance plan?

Maintenance and support renewals will be available for those customers who choose to continue using their perpetual products. Please review Splunk Software Support Policy for additional information regarding our support terms and conditions.

Are Customers able to add additional perpetual licenses to their maintenance plan?

No. Additional perpetual licenses will no longer be available, and cannot be added to an existing maintenance plan.

How will Customers be able to purchase Splunk products, now that perpetual licenses are no longer available?

All Splunk Term licenses (on-prem) and Cloud services are available to augment existing or future capacity needs. If you are interested in converting to Term license or Cloud service, please contact your Sales Representative.