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Splunk Intelligence Management

Create actionable intelligence by curating, normalizing and prioritizing your threat intelligence sources.

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Intelligence management for modern security operations

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aggregated intelligence sources

Aggregated intelligence sources

Centralize your various subscribed open source and premium intelligence sources, ISAC- and ISAO-shared intelligence and internal historical intelligence in one place.

Intelligence workflows

Automate data processing by creating curated feeds of prepared, prioritized indicators through a no-code setup.

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Apply data governance, and securely and effortlessly share intelligence through cloud-based repositories.

Normalized scoring

Create consistency for your security operations by normalizing indicator scores across your intel sources to make informed decisions at a glance.

Splunk Intelligence Management normalizes original indicator scores using the following scale: Unknown, Benign, Low, Medium, High
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GoTo Accelerates Detection Use Case and Reduces Manual Analyst Workflow With Splunk Intelligence Management

Splunk Intelligence Management allowed me to play out my use cases for free. Seeing the value that even the free version provided as an IT-ISAC member, and then seeing what the paid version could do with allowing us to bring in indicators from other sources was a no-brainer for our organization.

Mike Rennie, Threat & Vulnerability Manager, GoTo


Integrate intel sources and SecOps tools

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