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Splunk SOAR Free Trial

Download the free community edition* for as long as you want — no credit card required.


Work smarter, not harder, by automating repetitive tasks, allowing analysts to focus on mission-critical tasks.


Start orchestrating workflows, reducing incident response times, and automating right out of the box with over 100 pre-built playbooks.


Splunk SOAR’s app model supports integration with over 350 tools and over 2800 different automated actions.

*Take up to 100 actions/day in the Splunk SOAR free community edition.

Once you sign up for this free community edition, you’ll see how SOAR helps you to:

  • Respond to threats in seconds — not minutes or hours — using automated playbooks.
  • Strengthen defenses by integrating existing security infrastructure together.
  • Create playbooks using visual, intuitive editing — no coding required.
  • Support cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments.

Not sure Splunk SOAR is right for your use case? Check out our other free trials and downloads or contact a Splunk expert.


Trusted by the world's leading organizations

Splunk SOAR has enabled us to consolidate our SOC. Previously, when we hired someone, we had to say, ‘here are your 10 tools and how to use them.’ Now, I can abstract all of that and just introduce Splunk SOAR. It brought all of our operations into a single place that we can maintain.

Jason Mihalow, Senior Cloud Cyber Security Architect, McGraw Hill


Choose Your Download

Splunk SOAR On-Prem Unprivileged  6.2.0

Splunk SOAR allows you to combine security infrastructure orchestration, playbook automation, and case management capabilities to integrate your team, processes, and tools together. For more information about licensing options, please visit this page.

Choose Your Installation Package

Splunk SOAR On-premises Unprivileged CentOS/RHEL 7
1316.41 MB
Splunk SOAR On-premises Unprivileged CentOS/RHEL 8
1297.56 MB
Splunk SOAR On-Prem Privileged  5.3.6

This package is only intended as a transitional step between an older privileged deployment to a unprivileged one. For more information, please review the Release notes.

Choose Your Installation Package

Splunk SOAR On-Premises Privileged CentOS/RHEL 7
2017.25 MB
Splunk SOAR Cloud - Automation Broker  6.2.0

Use the Splunk Automation Broker to run actions from Splunk SOAR Cloud in your on-premises environment. To view a diagram of how the Splunk Automation Broker works, see About the Splunk Automation Broker.

Choose Your Installation Package

Splunk SOAR Cloud - Automation Broker
1186.56 MB
Splunk SOAR Diagnostic tool backport  6.2.0

Use the Diagnostic tool to run diagnostic tests on Splunk SOAR (On-premises) deployments of release 5.3. through release 6.1.0. Release 6.1.1 and later include this tool. For more information please visit our documentation site describing the tool.

Choose Your Installation Package

Splunk SOAR On-prem CentOS/RHEL 7 and RHEL 8
0.02 MB