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Splunk Software Support Policy FAQ

See below for our most frequently asked questions. For more information, visit our Support Programs page and read our Support Policy, which house the most current Support Policy information.


A software version reaches end of life (EOL) when its useful life ends.  No further fixes, no services, and no troubleshooting will be provided.  

Major release is the 1st digit number and is released with new features.  For example, Splunk v7.1.3, number 7 is the major version.

Minor release is the 2nd digit number and is released with new features.  For example, Splunk v.7.2.3, number 2 is the minor version.  

Maintenance release often known as MR is the 3rd digit number where fixes are included to resolve minor bugs and security issues in Major or Minor releases.  For example, Splunk v7.1.3, number 3 is the maintenance release version.    

A customer who has paid subscription for Splunk Support services.

A Splunk solution that is available for download from Splunkbase. This includes Apps and add-ons.

Free application and technical add-ons available via Splunkbase download.

Those free application and add-ons that are labeled as “Splunk Supported” in Splunkbase.

Splunk applications that customer purchase.  Such as the current premium solutions are Enterprise Security, IT Service Intelligence, User Behavior Analytics.

Splunk Core Product

End of Life means a particular Splunk Software version has reached the end of its useful life. It will no longer be sold or available for download. No further maintenance releases will be made and troubleshooting or support tickets can be filed. 

Prior to Splunk v7, Splunk was on version-based EOL.  We supported based on current major release and 1 prior major release. For example, if we have Splunk v5, v6 and v7, v5 reaches EOL and the current v7 and 1 prior v6 is supported.With Splunk v7, Splunk has moved from version-based EOL to time-based EOL where a major or minor release is supported for 24 months. 

For example, Splunk v7 was released on September 26th, 2017 so it is supported until September 26th, 2019 which is 24 months since its GA. If 7.1.0 is released today, it will reach EOL 24 months from today.   

No.  The 3rd number “1” is maintenance release and does not follow 24 months time-based EOL Policy.  

All 6.x releases are going to reach EOL when Splunk v8 is released.  

All Splunk 6.x follows the major-based EOL.  When Splunk v8 is released, Splunk 6.x will reach EOL. Note no release date for Splunk 8.0 has been set.  Please go here for our Software Support Policy.

Yes, but in the event you encounter an issue and requires Splunk Support Service, you will have to upgrade to the current supported version and have an active Support Subscription.  

All Splunk Cloud-based environment are upgraded to latest Splunk Cloud version at agreed scheduled time.  

Yes. The policy is applicable to all Splunk on-prem products: 

  • Splunk Light
  • Splunk Universal Forwarder
  • Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Extensions

Premium apps such as Enterprise Security, IT Service Security, and other paid solutions (except UBA) will reach EOL 24 months after its major or minor release.  

Splunk UBA will be supported for most current version plus the prior two major or minor releases OR 1 year from License key delivery whichever is longer.

For example, current supported versions are the most current version plus 2 prior releases (4.0.0, 3.3.x and 3.2.x).  If v4.1 is released today, v3.2.x will reach EOL. However, if you have purchased license on v3.2.x eight months ago, then you have for an extra 4 months of support on v3.2.x. Your license for UBA ensures at least 1 year of support from the date it was issued.

Under Community Supported extension are Community Support and Developer Support extensions.  Community Supported Splunk extension are those that was developed by someone and is not committed to do anything with it again.  Developer Supported Splunk extensions are those that were developed and committed  to be a contact point for the extension they created but not commitment to provide fixes.  Both are available for download at Splunkbase for free.  Splunk Supported Apps and Add-ons (Splunk Extension) are supported by Splunk Support for those customers who have an active support subscription as P3, whereas Community Supported apps and add-on are supported by developer who built it and not by Splunk Support.  Therefore, even if a customer has an active support subscription, no support will be delivered to Community Supported Splunk Extension products. More detail is documented here.

Splunk Premium Solutions are purchased solutions.

For example: Splunk App for Enterprise Security, Splunk IT Service Intelligence, VMWare, User Behavior Analytics 

Each minor version of Splunk Extensions (free or paid) listed on Splunkbase or other Splunk-branded marketplace as “Splunk Supported” is Supported for twenty-four (24) months from release of that version. Support response times for these Splunk Extensions will be targeted at the P3 level.

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