Splunk's Cloud Vision

Cloud equals opportunity. The opportunity to remove obstacles and enable immediate growth. The opportunity to redesign your development and operational processes for the modern era.

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Get answers to your questions on cloud monitoring

cloud vision
cloud vision
cloud vision

This is where Splunk comes in.


Our mission is to enable you to harness all the machine data generated by your IT and business environment—and make it accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.

Whether you’re managing applications, infrastructure or a security operations center in the cloud, Splunk delivers Operational Intelligence for a real-time understanding of what’s happening across your business and IT so you can make informed decisions.

When it comes to cloud, we believe there are five key areas that Splunk solutions enable your success.

removing the blind spots

Removing the Blind Spots

There’s a simple axiom that says you can’t protect what you can’t see. We extrapolate from here to include you can’t operate what you can’t see; you can’t manage cost for what you can’t see; you can’t troubleshoot what you can’t see. It is clear—to leverage cloud successfully you must have visibility.

The Best Cloud Service for Operational Intelligence

1) Cloud is all about services—and ours comes with no compromises. Our Splunk Cloud design principles are instant, secure, reliable and hybrid. You can get started in minutes, be assured with our SOC2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, and have confidence we support your hybrid environment without making cloud a silo.

offering the best cloud service for operational intelligence
enabling cloud whatever way you want

Software or Service – Cloud the Way You Want

You want cloud, but may prefer to deploy your own software. So we offer our solutions as either self-managed software or cloud-based services. Either way, you get access to the same benefits, functionality and platform support. And, we offer centralized visibility across our software and cloud solutions—so when two roads diverge in the woods, you have the freedom to choose both.

Ask Any Question of Your Data

Your data holds the answers to business transformation in the cloud, and Splunk solutions provide the key to unlock those answers. AAA is ensuring members are not stranded when calling for roadside assistance. Gatwick Airport is optimizing passenger flow from curb to gate to get you in and out faster. FINRA is optimizing its AWS cost by building a real-time model of their AWS cost and instance utilization. Equinix is implementing innovative cloud-based SIEM. IoT vendors like Orion are ensuring optimal customer experience of Internet-connected wearable devices.

ask any question of your data
aws video graphic

Integrating With All Things AWS

Splunk helps leading enterprise, public sector and not-for-profit organizations such as Adobe, Autodesk, Coca-Cola, FINRA, Intuit and NASA migrate to AWS with confidence.

Whether you want to analyze data from AWS CloudTrail, Config, S3 or VPC Flow Logs, monitor services such as AWS Lambda, Kinesis or IoT, or simply monitor applications running on EC2, Splunk has a solution.

And, we make it easy for you. Our Splunk App for AWS delivers a rich set of pre-built content, dashboards and reports—available at no extra cost.


The Result: Unparalleled Global Customer Success

If you’d like to know what Splunk Cloud customers think, hear from AAA, Aurizon, City of Los Angeles, Equinix, FamilySearchFINRA, Gatwick Airport, Orion, Orrstown Bank, or Progressive Insurance.

Cloud Is a Journey. Make Splunk Your Partner.

Enterprise migration to cloud doesn’t happen overnight. Splunk is all-in on cloud, delivering all our software as cloud services, running all corporate IT in the cloud, leveraging SaaS offerings for mission critical applications and hosting our website on AWS. We understand that cloud is a journey, and we believe three things set us apart when it comes to partnering with you on that journey.

The importance of hybrid

As you’re moving to cloud, it’s essential you have a central view across your cloud and on-premises environments. Transactions and customer interactions span across cloud and on-premises systems, and so should your visibility. Simply put, you don’t want cloud to be a silo.

The importance of solutions

Platforms are important, but platforms plus solutions add immediate value. You want leading edge security analytics, data-driven IT operational analytics and more as cloud services—so we deliver Splunk Enterprise Security (leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM), Splunk IT Service Intelligence (next-generation IT monitoring and analytics), as well as 200+ applications as cloud services with Splunk Cloud. And, we enable you to extend Splunk Cloud with your own custom-built applications.

Cloud as an ecosystem

Your cloud environment is diverse—spanning multiple vendors, applications and systems—and you need visibility across it all. That’s why Splunk offers applications (pre-built dashboards, reports and analytics) for the cloud solutions you’re most likely to use—AWS, Akamai, ServiceNow, and more.

Learn more about cloud solutions from Splunk

Watch our Splunk Cloud video or read our Splunk and AWS Fact Sheet. To get started immediately, sign up for a Splunk Cloud free trial.  We would also welcome the opportunity to speak with you.  Please contact sales to arrange for a discussion.