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Predictions 2024: Strategies for the Era of AI

As AI hype hits full throttle, how do organizations sort fact from fiction and use AI responsibly? Splunk experts detail what’s ahead for technology and business.
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AI transformation from the top down

AI is going to be as much of a watershed moment as the birth of the internet, and for all the speculation surrounding AI, we’re really only scratching the surface. While AI will help businesses dial up productivity, free up bandwidth for greater creativity and manage risk, it will also create new privacy concerns and cyber threats that executives will have to address.


AI as security’s double-edged sword

What will AI mean for the future of cybersecurity? We break down the good, the bad and the ugly — from the alleviation of talent shortages and increased threat detection, to privacy issues from large language models and democratized cyberwarfare.

Meanwhile, CISOs at the helm won’t just be advising the C-suite, they’ll be key players in executive-level conversations, instrumental in addressing risks to the business as they shape cybersecurity strategies.


Expanding visibility via tool consolidation

As AI increases productivity, observability solutions will need to work overtime to handle greater amounts and varieties of data from the explosion of new applications, environments, clusters and edge computing. Tool consolidation will be necessary to simplify data management, and bridge the divide between observability and security to build greater digital resilience.

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