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Congratulations to all of the 2024 Splunkie Award winners announced at .conf24!

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.conf24 Global Broadcast: The Complete Guide

Curious about the .conf Global Broadcast from Splunk? Check out this article for all the details, answers, and excitement about what to expect.
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Explore All the Splunk Platform Has To Offer at .conf24!

Splunker Anna Mensing highlights the top Splunk Platform sessions at .conf24 and why they are not to be missed.
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Get Ready for .conf24: A Can’t-Miss For Security Professionals

Splunker Dane Disimino dives into what makes .conf24 an essential gathering for security experts.
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Summer School is the Vibe: Join Us for Splunk University in Las Vegas

Invest in your professional development and take your Splunk expertise to new heights with Splunk University and .conf24.
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The Splunkie Awards Open Nominations for 2024

The Splunkie Awards are back and more exciting than ever because for the first time this year, we’re bringing the Global Partner Awards to the Splunkies at .conf24.
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Resilience, from Madrid to Helsinki - .conf Go 2023 Brings the Future of Security and Observability to Europe

This autumn, Splunk brought .conf Go to 13 cities across Europe, offering participants practical, actionable advice and insights to overcome some of the toughest digital challenges and helping them build more digital resilience in their organisations.
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Best Practices from Leading SecOps Teams – Recap of .conf Go EMEA

Take a deep dive into best practices leading SecOps teams shared at .conf Go EMEA.
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Best Practices from Leading DevOps and ITOps Teams – Recap of .conf Go EMEA

Take a deep dive into best practices from Leading DevOps and ITOps Teams at .conf Go EMEA.
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Making 'Shirt' Happen at .conf23

Customers, partners and Splunkers made their way back to Las Vegas for another year of new Splunk t-shirt announcements and to snag the much anticipated .conf23 hoodie.