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Splunk Threat Research Team
Splunk Threat Research Team


The Splunk Threat Research Team is an active part of a customer’s overall defense strategy by enhancing Splunk security offerings with verified research and security content such as use cases, detection searches, and playbooks. We help security teams around the globe strengthen operations by providing tactical guidance and insights to detect, investigate and respond against the latest threats. The Splunk Threat Research Team focuses on understanding how threats, actors, and vulnerabilities work, and the team replicates attacks which are stored as datasets in the Attack Data repository

Our goal is to provide security teams with research they can leverage in their day to day operations and to become the industry standard for SIEM detections. We are a team of industry-recognized experts who are encouraged to improve the security industry by sharing our work with the community via conference talks, open-sourcing projects, and writing white papers or blogs. You will also find us presenting our research at conferences such as Defcon, Blackhat, RSA, and many more.

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Security 7 Min Read

Ghost in the Web Shell: Introducing ShellSweep

Splunk introduces ShellSweep, a suite of utilities designed to detect and combat malicious web shells in servers.
Security 17 Min Read

Hunting M365 Invaders: Blue Team's Guide to Initial Access Vectors

Discover insights from the Splunk Threat Research Team on Microsoft 365 threat detection, focusing on data source analysis and effective methods for hunting initial access threats.
Security 17 Min Read

Deploy, Test, Monitor: Mastering Microsoft Defender ASR with Atomic Techniques in Splunk

Explore Microsoft Defender ASR's role in cybersecurity with Splunk and learn deployment, testing, and monitoring strategies for robust defense.
Security 8 Min Read

Unmasking the Enigma: A Historical Dive into the World of PlugX Malware

The Splunk Threat Research Team (STRT) unravels the mystery of a PlugX variant, peeling back the layers of its payload, tactics, and impact on the digital realm.
Security 10 Min Read

Take a SIP: A Refreshing Look at Subject Interface Packages

Splunker Michael Haag dives into Subject Interface Packages (SIPs) and their role in Windows security, exploring how SIPs can be exploited by malicious actors to bypass security measures and sign malicious code.
Security 10 Min Read

More Than Just a RAT: Unveiling NjRAT's MBR Wiping Capabilities

The Splunk Threat Research Team (STRT) provides a deep-dive analysis of NjRAT (or Bladabindi), a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) discovered in 2012 that's still active today.
Security 5 Min Read

Detect WS_FTP Server Exploitation with Splunk Attack Range

The Splunk Threat Research Team shares how they used Splunk Attack Range to develop detection content related to CVE-2023-40044.
Security 8 Min Read

Defending the Gates: Understanding and Detecting Ave Maria (Warzone) RAT

The Splunk Threat Research Team provides a deep-dive analysis of Ave Maria RAT, also known as 'Warzone RAT.'
Security 9 Min Read

Mockbin and the Art of Deception: Tracing Adversaries, Going Headless and Mocking APIs

Splunk's Threat Research Team delves into the attack's components, usage of tools like Mockbin and headless browsers, and provides guidance on detecting such activities.
Security 9 Min Read

Sharing is Not Caring: Hunting for Network Share Discovery

This post offers a practical guide to enhancing detection strategies against network share discovery, a technique often used by threat actors.
Security 8 Min Read

Amadey Threat Analysis and Detections

The Splunk Threat Research Team shares a deep-dive analysis of the Amadey Trojan Stealer, an active and prominent malware that first emerged on the cybersecurity landscape in 2018 and has maintained a persistent botnet infrastructure ever since.
Security 9 Min Read

Don’t Get a PaperCut: Analyzing CVE-2023-27350

The Splunk Threat Research team shares insights on the CVE-2023-27350 vulnerability, proof of concept scripts, setting up Splunk logging, and detecting adversaries for secure printing.
Security 11 Min Read

Do Not Cross The 'RedLine' Stealer: Detections and Analysis

The Splunk Threat Research Team provides a deep dive analysis of the RedLine Stealer threat and shares valuable insights to help enable blue teamers to defend against and detect this malware variant.
Security 5 Min Read

Security Content from the Splunk Threat Research Team

The blog explains how STRT develops Splunk Security Content, aiding detection engineering and threat research teams to efficiently detect and respond to potential threats, using ESCU App amidst growing security incidents and system complexity.
Security 7 Min Read

Threat Update: AwfulShred Script Wiper

The Splunk Threat Research Team shares their findings on the Linux-targeted destructive payload AwfulShred.
Security 15 Min Read

These Are The Drivers You Are Looking For: Detect and Prevent Malicious Drivers

The Splunk Threat Research Team explores how to detect and prevent malicious drivers and discusses Splunk Security Content available to defend against these types of attacks.
Security 9 Min Read

Splunk Insights: Investigating the 3CXDesktopApp Supply Chain Compromise

In this Splunk blog post, we aim to equip defenders with the necessary tools and strategies to actively hunt down and counteract this campaign. Additionally, we will offer some resilient analytic ideas that can serve as a foundation for future threat detection and response efforts.
Security 9 Min Read

AsyncRAT Crusade: Detections and Defense

The Splunk Threat Research Team explores detections and defense against the Microsoft OneNote AsyncRAT malware campaign.