Splunk Hadoop Connect lets you quickly deploy Splunk® Enterprise and then reliably forward events to Hadoop for long-term archiving and additional batch analytics. Now you can stand up reliable, secure, enterprise-grade big data projects in days instead of months.

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  • Export events collected and aggregated in Splunk Enterprise reliably to HDFS
  • Explore and browse HDFS directories and files
  • Import and index data from HDFS for secure searching, reporting, analysis and visualizations in Splunk
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Export. Explore. Import.

Splunk Hadoop Connect delivers three core capabilities: export, explore and import.

Export Events to Hadoop

Collect and index massive streams of machine data in real time and send events in a reliable and predictable way to HDFS for archiving, further processing or batch analytics.

Explore Directories & Files

Browse, navigate and inspect HDFS directories and files from the Splunk Hadoop Connect user interface.

Import and Index Data

Import and index Hadoop data into Splunk to make it available for searching, reporting, analysis and visualizations. Gain rapid insight and analysis without MapReduce code.

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