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Augmented reality (AR)

Merge the digital world with the real one and bring your workforce into the future. Use AR to get composite views of live data and your assets so you can act fast.


What it is

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to position digital objects in the real world, making a virtual experience feel more immersive. AR can be applied to many different industries, including IoT, manufacturing, defense and energy.

Why it matters

AR revolutionizes traditional ways of working. Use it to collaborate from far-flung locations, correlate events to specific assets, better service issues and receive actionable intelligence in near-real-time, potentially expediting problem-solving and lowering costs.

Where it's going

Augmented reality is the next platform to transform how people and businesses operate. Enterprises that adopt AR early can easily improve their processes while reducing costs and errors, giving them an edge over the competition.


Splunk AR can improve how you monitor your field assets

Interact with your Splunk data in the real world

Once you've installed the Splunk App for AR on your Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud Platform instance, you can deploy the Splunk AR mobile app so anyone in your workforce can easily scan assets to view real-time data from the field. Workers can quickly understand complex situations and drive better outcomes.


Use guided workflows to take contextual action

Service field assets easily through Workflow Automation. Step-by-step guides help troubleshoot issues, and can be integrated with any external work application, streamlining operating procedures.

Empower effective remote collaboration

Use sensors on the device to scan and digitally recreate an on-site environment for an off-site user. Field workers can then troubleshoot together with remote experts by “interacting” within the same 3D space.

Splunk Advantage

Splunk AR can improve time to resolution

operational-efficiency operational-efficiency

Simplify field maintenance

Eliminate confusion by surfacing relevant data right when it’s needed.

fast-flexible-service-excellence fast-flexible-service-excellence

Solve issues faster

Getting real-time data in the field leads to significantly quicker troubleshooting and time to resolution.

cost-clarity-and-reducing-costs cost-clarity-and-reducing-costs

Minimize redundant costs

Doing the job right on the first try means your team spends less time — and money.


A single platform for all your data needs


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