Experiment. Test. Explore.

Do you have a new use case to validate? Untapped data sources to investigate? Wouldn’t it be great to explore how Splunk might help other parts of your organization? All without impacting your production systems and license usage?

As a Splunk Enterprise or Cloud customer, you can now get a free individual Splunk Enterprise Dev/Test license. Each license is valid for up to 50 GB daily data ingestion and a six-month renewable term, giving you ample power and time to create new value for your organization.

How Does it Work?

How much data can I ingest?

You can ingest up to 50 GB daily.

Need more than one license?

No problem. Your company can have multiple individual licenses active at any time.

Need a Dev/Test license for longer than 6 months?

You can renew your license for another 6 months and keep experimenting with Splunk.

Ask an Expert

If you have needs beyond these terms of usage, please contact your Splunk Sales Rep or Splunk Authorized Partner.





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